Friday, April 8, 2011

winterfresh flames

A piece of gum,
your words roll like winterfresh breath
from your lips, carving the air into ice sculptures,
slowly freezing the torn edges of what I once had thought was truth.
A refreshing sensation yet it has chilled me into my place and your words are
written on my skin like frostbitten-blue tattoos.
Give me cinnamon.

You cease utterance and the air falls, thrown aside and
cast into shatters of melting glass,
quenching my flaming heart.
I feel the steam in my chest.

I used to feel protected by the lukewarm everyday
but this simultaneous heat and frost has altered the things I once knew.

Your presence sets shivers through my soul and
I'm inflamed by your moving lips, a piercing whispering cry.
I've been reborn.
Where are you now, inside my body? pulsing through my veins?

In your silence, you pull me outside of myself in search of you
I need your sweet breath to feel alive
Don't ever leave me to my lukewarm existence again
but speak to my secret self like you did before.

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