Wednesday, April 20, 2011

sweet nothings

whisper in my ear
run your fingers through my hair
surprise me again

Friday, April 8, 2011

winterfresh flames

A piece of gum,
your words roll like winterfresh breath
from your lips, carving the air into ice sculptures,
slowly freezing the torn edges of what I once had thought was truth.
A refreshing sensation yet it has chilled me into my place and your words are
written on my skin like frostbitten-blue tattoos.
Give me cinnamon.

You cease utterance and the air falls, thrown aside and
cast into shatters of melting glass,
quenching my flaming heart.
I feel the steam in my chest.

I used to feel protected by the lukewarm everyday
but this simultaneous heat and frost has altered the things I once knew.

Your presence sets shivers through my soul and
I'm inflamed by your moving lips, a piercing whispering cry.
I've been reborn.
Where are you now, inside my body? pulsing through my veins?

In your silence, you pull me outside of myself in search of you
I need your sweet breath to feel alive
Don't ever leave me to my lukewarm existence again
but speak to my secret self like you did before.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tiny Purple Flower

Not sure what kind it is - but this close up makes it look like an iris - yet it was as big as my pinky finger!

Spring Is Coming

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Raise Your Voice

who do you think you are?

(inspired by Christina Perri's song Jar of Hearts.)

remember that time we built our love out of a deck of cards?
spelled out across the carpet and i lay there for you to take my picture
and you told me once i was your everything
and you bragged to your friends about how i was yours
do you remember that?
i bet you've forgotten now.

i look at that girl frozen in the frame
the familiar color in her eyes gazes in complete devotion,
but she's a stranger
you asked me once where the lights went
well, that's what goes with living half alive
and once my color was gone so were you
and i was cold and empty
you took it all

but now i'm stronger, a stranger to that girl in the frame
and you're back to take my picture?
the lights are back now, you say
but don't you remember?
i bet you've forgotten-
you said you would never come back
was it a promise? not that you'd keep it-
so you've broken this one too
the last one to break
and you're finished

you told me once i was your everything
i can finally say
i don't want to be your everything anymore
because my lights are back
and they're not for you

the arrival of spring

The dark horizon covered in night
merges the angry clouds,
thrashes of light toss droplets to the earth
melting the white crystals away
and his shadowy silhouette
retreats into the sky
with first light.

She comes in glory,
her golden hair sparkling in the sun,
her daffodil skin radiating warmth and light.
She skips upon the cold hard ground
and colors emerge from beneath her dainty toes
as little sproutlets sing along to her rhythmic dance.

New life shouts proclamations of joy
and eagerly await
the new birth of each creation.
Her eyes twinkle in delight
as her touch magically brings forth
blossoms of red purple yellow
who capture the sunlight from above
and toss it back out to the sky.

The world reiterates with
the annual welcoming ballad
in praise to her rebirth and
exalt in the renewal of life.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

the way i know

the way it makes me feel
when your slick black shirt slides
so smoothly against the skin
on your back, sides, or shoulders
at the gentle touch of my fingertips

the way you nuzzle in sometimes
with that soft whisper of a groan
letting me know you just
want to be close
just close
for a moment

the way you work so so hard
so hard
all the time
but the skin on your hands
somehow stays
so soft
so so soft


the way you look
in your button-ups and ties
in your basketball shorts
and in your hot-water showers,
the streaks of
flushed skin

the way you hold me
not with your arms
but like every cell in my body
is directed toward you,
aimed at you
whenever you walk in-
my awareness
peaked by your presence
even if i don't look up

the way i miss you
when you're

the way you hold my child
the way you speak
the way you look at him
like he's part of you
and part of me
the way he is

the way you pick up on my slack
whenever i give it to you
and you don't say a word
not a word
about it

the way your
blue eyes look at me
when they look at me
and i know
i know

a valentine's poem

"A Sweetheart's Invitation"

To My Paramour

What do you say? Shall we dance in the rain?
Shall we kick off our shoes
and run in the grass
just to feel free?
Shall we roll in the mud
and coat our bodies
in it's cool richness
just to hide our differences
so we can be just,
just the same?
Shall we have a party
in the backyard
by candlelight
just the two of us,
so we can steal a moment
when our little angels/devils
aren't dividing our attentions
and we can just be us.
Just us.

What do you say, my beau?
My beloved, my swain, my dear one?
Shall we run away together
into the sunset
to blind our eyes from those things
left behind?
And the sunlight can rest in my hair
and in your eyes
and we can be free?
Shall we lose ourselves
in the oceans of our souls...
behind the words and behind the kisses,
behind the hugs, the cuddles, the sex,
further behind into the depths of being
where we can be just us?

What do you say, Honey?

Sweet thing?

What's that?
There's a game on?
Alright then.

Perhaps next time.

Your Venus


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