Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Like a Lighthouse

The lighthouse
Stands tall
Shines to the world
Yelling out
"I am here"
"Look at me"
Beckons to those in stormy waters
Comforts those in dark seas
Raises up the wandering eye
Lifts up the hands that hang down
Like a lighthouse
I would like to be

Monday, March 30, 2009

View of the Stone Gargoyle

I look down on the world
The glory of the sun
The deepness in the shadows
And I see what the world is
What the world once was
And what it could be

I remember a time
When this building
I sit upon
Was the only large building around

The world around me was green
The people around me took care of it
The trees breathed life into everything else
And the sky seemed brighter then.
The sun warmed my skin all day long
I miss that warmth

Then all the green
Was torn down around me
More brick and mortar
And wooden arches rose up
The sun was blocked from my gaze
Now only warming my skin for a few short hours at a time
I don't ever feel as warm

The world around me is mostly gray now
The people around me seem to ignore it
Going about, paying no mind
Just going someplace or another
Never stopping
This is how the world is

I dream of the world becoming more
I see between the gray to an open sunrise in the morning.
The beauty in the distance...
Oh I wish these wings could fly
How I long to be a part of the world green again...
Where the people looked at each other
Where they saw more than just the next task
Where they enjoyed the process as much as the success.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Drive

They didn't notice

Just to get there
Not to drive

That's everything
Nothing is out there

If only to look out
Not making the effort

How small they are...

They didn't notice

prompt at PPP

Friday, March 27, 2009

PPP Winner

Wow...ALL I can say is WOW!
(Inside my heart is pounding and my head is screaming "I won! I won! I won!")

Pictures, Poetry, and Prose gave me the award for a post where others wrote such awesome entries! I couldn't believe it, next to you other wonderful entries! You other writers are so talented and marvelous! If it were me, I would not have been able to choose a winner! That's why I don't run a blog like that. :)
Visit the link and read the other comments!
Distorted View, I also posted here as Snowed In.

Those of you who haven't gone to Pictures, Poetry, and Prose - do! It is so fulfilling to go there every day to be prompted to write by a lovely work of art!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Baby Blanket

I wrote this poem for a friend of mine when I gave her a white blanket before she found out the gender of her baby. I think I might submit it to Hallmark or something someday- it would probably make a good card or something.

Happy Happy, Joy Joy
Is it a girl, or is it a boy?
If it's a boy, so good to be true
You will wrap him in baby blue...
But if it's a girl, wouldn't have to be mink
But you shall wrap her in princess pink...
But as for my guess, I wouldn't be right
So this little angel shall be wrapped in white.

Monday, March 23, 2009


We meet in a darkened room by candlelight and I wonder what it is that is so important as to bring me here. Is it the night? Will he purpose?
He seems so nervous, edgy.
What if I'm wrong...is there something wrong? Wrong doesn't fit this setting very well. If there was bad news to tell, why bring me somewhere so lovely? I guess the dark room could be thought of as gloomy. The idea sends a chill down my spine.

My thoughts trail away as I take my seat and the waiter brings us wine.
Wine? What's the occasion?
I rake him with my eyes hopefully. He's still looking down, avoiding eye contact. He shifts in his seat, elbows resting on the table.

I look down too. Not out of nerves, but it seems more comfortable. I decide to clear my mind, and so I focus on the cracks of the wooden table. I trace them with my fingernail, watching the light from the flickering candle dance in its harmonious way.
For a moment I feel at ease.


I look up to see his tired, bloodshot eyes now fixed on me.
They seem to shoot through me and my body goes into some state of shock.
I'm frozen in position.

"I'm....I'm married."

prompt from P, P, & P: [link]

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Life's Sails

Monstrous waters want to swallow us within its depths. We sail through wind and rain. Watching the world around us swarm in wisps of waves and sprays of salt.

Hold on.
There is a light beyond the clouds.

The water tosses us to and fro. We sail bravely, faithfully, looking forward. We are soaked in splashing seas and pouring rain. Unrelenting, the storm continues on.

The end is near.
The reward comes with the edge of the world.

Seeing it approach makes our hearts stutter. Then the water falls from beneath us and we are free. Free to fly toward the light. Beyond the clouds.

click photo for link: P,P, &P

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Tuesday, March 17, 2009





(another P,P,&P prompt- click picture to view)

Everything stood still
The grandfather clock's pendulum was the only sound in the whole house
It swung back and forth
Back and forth

And I waited

I sat in my chair by the window
The sheer white curtains pulled back
I watched the cloudy overcast sky
The clouds moved
It seemed they were the only things moving in the world

And I waited

The grandfather clock struck
It was two o'clock in the afternoon
But outside it looked like dusk
The gentle light from the window was the only light in the room
And the phone still didn't ring

Everything seemed dull today
Black and white

And I waited

Monday, March 16, 2009

Snowed In (fiction prompted by P,P, &P)

I was back in the house of my grandmother. She had passed away and now I was back inside the house I remembered from that winter we were snowed in. I sat by the window again, remembering what I had thought back then:

'Snowed in? Dang it! What could I do trapped in this dark house with nobody but my grandmother. She's so boring!' I had wanted to spend these couple weeks with my friends in the neighborhood. My parents were off at a conference and my brother had gone to California to visit Aunt Jemma.

I had looked over the crystallized snow stuck to the window to see the snow-covered trees outside and I'd sighed thinking, 'How long will this last anyway? How long does it take for this much snow to melt away from our doors and windows? We definitely had enough food for the next decade if we needed it.' I rolled my eyes. 'Or for the next century. Grandma collected canned foods like my little brother collected rocks.'

The day was going by so slowly! I was sure my brother was having a blast in California with Aunt Jemma. Why had I thought this would be more fun?

I remembered it so well. It was late afternoon and I still hadn't done anything but read a boring book from off Grandma's shelves.

"Katie? Come here for a minute."

I walked in to Grandma's room to see a bunch of old photo albums open and scattered. Grandma was holding two photographs. She gestured for me to come sit next to her. When I did, I noticed the photos in her hands were of a beautiful young woman dressed up like a model. I asked her who it was and she responded.


The rest of the afternoon and following days were filled with more than I could have imagined. Grandma told me stories about modeling in her younger days. She dressed me up in her old vintage costumes for modeling. We had our own little photo shoots. We laughed and talked about her younger times. I never knew what an interesting person my grandmother was.

I will never forget those couple weeks spent with my grandmother in the darkened house covered with snow. Now I gather the albums and costumes that she had left to me. They will also remind me that anything is possible.

The Escape: Part Two

I didn't know what time it was. The clock on my dash read 6:08 but I knew it was right. I knew it was well after midnight...but not yet even close to sunrise. I still couldn't help glancing back in my rearview mirror now and then, searching for any headlights in the distance although it was many hours ago that I had seen Frank. He had made everything feel much more risky. The freedom I had felt at first now seemed to wait in the sidelines for when it felt it was safe to appear. He had reminded me that I wasn't yet free until I was completely invisible. I wanted to vanish.

The approaching sign on the highway told me I was going to be entering a town soon. Although, I didn't know much about where I was. He had never allowed me to know anything about where we were. He had only told me we were home and all that mattered was that we were together. I didn't know anything about anywhere. Although he felt secure in my ignorance, this gave me the power of the unexpected. If I couldn't know where to go, how would he know where to find me?

I could see signs of life now. A few scattered homes here and there away from the highway, their driveways long and winding down to the road I had been driving on since early afternoon. I was getting very tired and knew I had to eventually stop to sleep but I was afraid. I had to switch direction or take a random route somewhere before stopping. Frank knew I was headed this direction, but that's all he would be able to tell.

Then I saw a flashing hotel light in the distance. Vacancy. Ok then. I would just have to hide the car. Maybe tomorrow I could make a trade with someone or something. How absurd. I felt like I was in one of those horrible movies where the one on the run sells his or her car but that leaves a perfect trail right to the idiot. What would I do then? He probably would get people searching for me...searching for my liscense plate. I had to ditch the car...soon. I looked around the cab once more. Oh, it would be hard to part with her. The warmth and safety I used to feel within this car on those horrible nights when I had to get out. Those nights when I refused to stay in the house any longer but could only get in the car, with no keys, and lock the doors. This car had been my solitude for hours...until he would come around looking and unlock the door to find me. I hurried to shut out the thought of him once more, scolding myself for letting my thoughts wander again. Yes, it was better to forget the car.

I pulled into the hotel lot. Maybe I would get an idea here. I couldn't bring this car with me any further. Sitting for a few minutes, I noticed a bus stop. I hadn't thought of this before. Grabbing my purse, I left my car parked next to the hotel and walked toward the bus stop. "This is the end of the trail for you, Mr. Jennings," I thought to myself. I wished I could have a clue as to when or where the bus would come and go. Perhaps there was some kind of pamphlet or posted timeline or something. I didn't want to ask the hotel clerk because I was sure he would be questioned about me. Then they would know I had gotten on the bus for sure. Of course, they'll suspect it anyway.

As I got closer to the bench at the stop, I noticed someone laying there. Sleeping. It was the middle of the night. I guess I should be sleeping too. I got closer and noticed the ripped clothes, the snarled hair, the dirty hands. But the face was so peaceful. It was a beautiful face and looked so out of place framed in that matted hair. I watched her sleep for a moment. It seemed she was having pleasant dreams. There was a hint of a smile playing on her soft lips and her eyelashes fluttered now and then. It made me want to sleep too, but I wasn't sure if there were people following me or how close they were if they had been following me.

Then I saw that the woman held in her hand a bus schedule! I didn't want to disturb her, but I needed to know when the bus was coming. I reached for the paper in her hands but then remembered I don't know what time it is. The paper wasn't going to help me when I didn't even know what time it is. I let my hand drop to my side. Then I set my purse on the ground and layed down next to the bench, resting my head on it. It wasn't the most comfortable pillow but it was better than nothing at all. Perhaps the earliest bus would be coming soon. I would simply make myself less visible while I waited. I hardly had noticed the woman on the bench. Another on the ground would be even less noticable.

I lay there for a few moments, looking up at the stars. I wished I could live in the stars, to become a part of the sky and be so free from the world, to just be another sparkle in the sky. Pondering about what this would be like, my eyelids slowly dropped and I fell into a beautiful dream about playing on the stars and flying into Neverland. I looked and looked for Tinker Bell or the Blue Lagoon where the mermaids lived. But all I could see was forest. Trees everywhere. Silence. No one there. But I was happy.

Suddenly jumped at the sound of a loud gush of air releasing followed by a rolling roar. I shifted my weight painfully on the cement ground. Somehow I felt like I had gained 100 pounds overnight. My hips hurt and my neck was cramped. My stomach was reaching within itself for breakfast and I felt I would be sick soon if I didn't eat something. Groaning I slowly opened my eyes to bright light. The woman on the bench was gone and a long blue bus was parked on the curb. I quickly grabbed my purse and boarded. Every bone in my body ached, pricking at memories in my mind that I didn't want to remember.

I headed toward the back of the bus, but then quickly took a seat when I noticed the back seats were filled with muscley men who looked as though they should be riding motorcylces and not a bus. I ducked my head and avoided eye contact with those around me. My stomach growled and I opened my purse. All I had was a bag of sunflower seeds so I popped a couple into my mouth. I retreived a small comb and mirror and appraised my appearance. I was, of course, hideous. Like always. However, I could fix my straggley hair a bit.

Looking up from my mirror, I was met with green eyes. It was the woman from the bench. She was sitting in the seat in front of me, turned backward, and staring. It startled me. Her angry mess of hair curled around her face in mats and her sweater was thin. The expression on her face was the most perplexing, however. It was a look of disgust. Her nose was wrinkled like I stunk of something terrible and her eyes burned with fury. I wanted to look away but was so stunned I just stared right back.

Finally she spoke. "What are you DOING?" She spat at me.

I couldn't answer. What was I doing? I looked down at myself, then around my seat as if to find some explanation to what she was referring to. "I'm sorry...have I done something to offend you?" I finally said, looking up at her again. But she wasn't there. I looked up the isle to see the back of her as she approached the driver of the bus.

"Stop the bus." She said urgently. "Stop it now. She's getting off."

Was she referring to me? What had I done to her? I gripped the seat beneath me, and crouched down trying to become invisible. Suddenly I felt the hair at the top of my head being jerked up and my head had to follow. I squeeled and looked back into those green eyes. What horrible contrast her face was to the content picture of peace I had seen during the night before. Had I been admiring this person?

"Ok girl," She spat at me again, "He's not stopping for you. But you'll be getting off at the next stop. I'm not sharing this bus with you." At this she turned and strode a few feet forward to take a seat. I was so perplexed I had forgotten how hungry I had been. What had I done? I looked up toward her a couple times again before sliding over to gaze out the window. I had planned to stay on this bus all day. I would just eat sunflower seeds until tomorrow. I'd gone longer without eating before. But now she wanted me off the bus at the next stop? I wondered how far that was. It wouldn't get me anywhere. He would be sure to find me.

I looked up toward her again. She was looking out her own window on the opposite side of the bus. Swallowing, I rose from my seat. I had to have a word with her. Perhaps if I explained...I swallowed again as I approached her seat. Sitting across from her I cleared my throat and waited. She glanced over at me and grimaced, wrinkling her nose again.

"Sorry, do I stink? What right do you have to kick me off this bus anyway?" I didn't recognize the strength in my own voice, "I am not going to be getting off this bus until I want to. Now either you tell me what you're problem with me is, or you'll just have to deal with it."

Sighing, she turned to me. "You're Sarah, right?"

In shock I slowly nodded.

"Meet Linda. Danny's first wife."

(to be continued...)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Moment to Myself

I smile
Stealing a moment
Rescues my day.
Hearing the silence
Is like a breath of fresh air.

Tap Tap Tap
Bam! Bam!

Ok...time to open the door of the bathroom and face it all again with renewed ears.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Faked It

Last night I couldn't go to sleep because this poem kept running through my head after I was letting horrid thoughts of my past go through my head. I was the stupidest dater ever. Anyway, this is what I scribbled down last night before going to sleep.

I Faked It

I didn't know what love was
So I faked it

I would kiss you for so long
and say it was because I loved you
But it wasn't because I loved you
It was because it felt good

I didn't know what love was
So I faked it

I would go to bed every night
Hugging that stuffed dog
Saying that I loved you
Not because I loved you
But because I wanted to love someone

I wish I'd known I didn't know what love was
And that I faked it

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Escape

I drove and drove and drove. I didn't have a plan. I didn't follow a map. I just had to go and go. I had to get away. I felt the wind in my hair as my windows were open. The chill of the air was invigorating and I knew I could go on forever this way. I would leave it all behind. I would never go back. I had money in my purse and clothes on my back. I heard the roar of the engine and I felt so free.

Nothing could stop me now! He would never find me. He wouldn't have any idea where I went, because I don't know that yet, myself. I just wanted to drive.

The sun dropped lower and created long shadows across the road. I had to close my window as the temperature of the wind dropped, freezing my breath before my face. The heater felt nice against my frozen hands. I hadn't noticed how cold they were until the warm air hit them. It made me smile. It was comforting, the safety of my car. The sound of the tires' swift movement on the pavement created a calming hum. I didn't turn on the radio. All the music I knew would only remind me of...

The road was long and stretched before me until it finally disappeared around a curve, and for the first time I wondered where it would lead me. The possibilities were infinite. I burst into laughter. I couldn't help myself. It was effortless and felt like a release within me that had been long held in. I let my body heave with laughter until I no longer could breath. And then the tears came. I didn't understand myself. Where were the tears coming from? It surely wasn't unhappiness, but sure bliss. What a release! I let the tears fall freely until finally they ran dry. The light was fading behind the trees and I could see stars appearing in the skies like beacons of renewed life.

Then the lights appeared in my rearview mirror and I felt my stomach roll. For a short moment I contemplated putting on more gas. After all, I was making the biggest escape of my life. But my realistic side brushed away the adventurous thought. Of course that would eventually only take me back to him. So I put my foot gently on the break and pulled to the side, grabbing my purse to find my license.

I had just found it when I heard him tap on my window. I looked up and caught myself.

"Awe, Mrs. Jennings! What are you doing alone out here at this time of night?"

It was Frank. His best friend. I couldn't breath, and suddenly wished I hadn't stopped. "Oh, I'm just.." What can I tell him? "Headed to visit...my sister."

---end of comment left at Pictures, Poetry & Prose---

I knew my explanation wasn't convincing. But Frank just smiled and told me to drive more carefully. A storm was in the forecast tonight. He gave me a warning and let me go. Let me go, but I knew in two seconds he would pick up his cell phone.

I pulled out onto the road once more with my eyes fixed on him strolling back to his patrol car in his nonchalant manner. What a pig.

Then I couldn't help myself. I floored it. I watched him turn with a sudden shocked look on his face and hurriedly get into the driver's seat. I searched the road for a sign. I prayed for help. If I could just keep Frank from calling him. Just another hour or so and I knew he would be coming home anyway and find me gone. By then it would be too late.

The lights were blaring me through by rearview mirror again and I contemplated what to do. Habit told me to put on the breaks and pull over again. What if I did? It would definitely confuse him...save time? What if I told him I wanted him to pull me over again...no that's ridiculous! I shuttered at the idea of seducing that pig. No, I wouldn't do that. Ok, I know. I slowed down again, but didn't pull over. Going a steady speed, well under the limit, for about 5 minutes with him tailing me, he finally came up on my left side. A glance and I could see his confused glare. I grinned at him and waved. He gestured for me to pull over and I shook my head at him, pointing at my watch. I slowed a little more and rolled down my window. He rolled his down in turn. "I'm sorry, I'm just trying to make time." I yelled to him, "I won't speed anymore, Frank. Thanks anyway."

He seemed to take it with a nod. Any other cop wouldn't have. He slowed, and I knew he was picking up his cell phone at that very moment. But now I could see the state line. I would be gone and he could never find me now. I simply had to keep going...and never stop. I would cross state line after state line. I would only stop when I felt it was time.

The lights faded behind me. I imagined what he would be thinking now. I indulged myself in imagining him heartbroken and sulking in his beat up truck. I knew he would never react that way, but in my mind's eye I wanted to see him cry. I wondered at the thought. What would he look like with reddened eyes and shaking hands?

Just then I decided that this would be the last thought of him I would ever allow myself to have. I would never let his face enter my mind again. He no longer existed. And niether did Mrs. Jennings. From now on I am Shayla Krenton. On to a new life.

...to be continued.

Chocolate Eyes

home to
one pup with
chocolate eyes
oh, the loves,
licks, and kisses
ah, the cuddles
true love
eyes of devotion

eyes so trusting
yet protecting
eyes that as they gaze at me
say "i love you"

Prompt at Pictures, Poetry & Prose, but written for my loving dog, Lady, whom I miss much. She lives with my parents miles away now. But she's happy where she is.

Peas in a Pod

Photo by worldofstock.com
They used to say we
Stuck together
Like two peas in a pod
I liked that
Always together
It seemed even this way
In our brief separations
But then the time came

We each left the pod

Rolling away to our own
We would look back to each other now and then
Less and less often

Then I met my carrot

You came to bid me a farewell
Farewell to those lovely days
When we were two peas in a pod
I hope you find your carrot soon

It really makes lovely contrast

We roll along separately now
Missing those lovely days
But making time
To be two peas in a pod again
Just for the day

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring Grooming

Raking up dead grass
And uncovering the green
Letting the new life breath in
And see the sunshine once again
The blissful feeling of Springtime
With a light jacket and a toddler at my feet
His imagination climbing as he
Plays in the rocks
Scattering black spiders to their hiding places
And my giant back-scratcher scrapes up the Earth
I can imagine her saying "Ah"
As I scratch her back
It's grooming season
She seems to sigh with every stroke of my brush
As I comb through her hair
Breathing in the scent of damp new soil
Soaking in the sound of geese splashing
In the giant puddle made behind my house
By the melting snow.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Melting Snow and the Spring Feeling

"Living Water"
I was so excited to see such wonderful green in the water when there is still snow on the ground!

"Chilly Green"

"Rolling In"
The wind started to blow as I was out taking pictures and the sky became this white washed image. Shortly after, I was running to regain cover from the unpredictable weather.

"Glimpse of Blue"

"Looking Up"
Looking at the sky through the branches of a tree always makes me feel smaller somehow. It makes me wonder at how this world is so perfect in its beauty and that I am given this gift to trespass on it for a short moment.

"Ice Crystals"
I was taken aback by how the crystals decorated the dead.

The sun's warmth touches me
I feel life awaken
Frozen but thawing
Breathing again
As the frost melts away.

Melting Pool

The birds were enjoying this pool of water behind my house this afternoon as the sun grew closer to the horizon. I was drawn outdoors when I saw the sparkle of the water from my window. When I entered the clear air, I was met by a beautiful sound of their enjoyment. Many birds were also sitting in a nearby tree. The tree I had run to earlier today to try to get a picture of a hawk that sat there, but I missed him. This time I did not run to disturb the bird's lovely songs. I just sat and listened intently, watching them from afar...too far for my lens to reach.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Wildfire

I met you and my heart giggled
It saw funny glasses and bad posture
It saw you slumped over your guitar in that ridiculous position
and it giggled

I said "sure" to you and my heart pondered
It saw bright blue eyes and smooth lips
It saw you fidget so nervously with your keys as you looked at the floor
and it pondered

I talked for hours with you and my heart took flame
It saw your passions and silly humor
It saw your love for things I loved and your past pains
and it took flame

I kissed you in my car and my heart became a fire
It saw your warmth and your potential
It saw you grab every moment and never take things for granted
and it became a fire

I said "yes" and my heart's fire wavered
It saw your differences and those things we'd have to work on
It saw your typical insecurities and your stubborn flaws
and it wavered

I spent years with you and my heart became a wildfire
It saw your willingness to try and your desire for happiness
It saw you do little things to show your love in your silly awkward ways
and it became a wildfire

My wildfire continues now
It becomes more and more wild
It consumes all doubts, worries,
bad judgments, and stubborn prideful moments
and it burns brighter every day
as I see you slump over your guitar,
with that bad posture and those funny glasses.
Its blaze smolders in every kiss from your smooth lips,
in every gaze of those bright blue eyes
and the flame tells me
even more certainly
I love you.


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