Monday, June 29, 2009


Sweet n Simple
Seedy n Tart
Tender n Tasty
Red Ripe Heart

Offer a bite
Give a red-lipped smile
Share a taste
And savor awhile

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Best Friend

I miss her.

Since age 10 we were inseparable. Joined at the hip, they used to call it. We were two peas in a pod. If we weren't at home, our parents knew we were at the other house. Our second home.

We were like sisters.

Spending every summer's day together, and every afternoon hour during school days, we were that.

We even gave ourselves our own last name. Because we were family.

Then we parted. It was like tearing a piece of fabric down the center. College. Marriage. Life took hold of us and sent us in different directions.

Now it's phone calls, cards, birthday and Christmas gifts. Two or so daytime visits every year.

Someday we like to think we'll live next to each other again. Like we did way back when. Someday we'll be neighbors and grow old together. We'll watch our children grow and take off in their own lives. Then we'll sit on the porch together and things will be how they used to be.

Joined at the hip. Two peas in a pod. Inseparable. A second home.



Friday, June 26, 2009

The Paper Bag

It wasn't anyplace special.

It seemed like a dull place. Nothing ever happened there. I didn't think I would find anything interesting there. It was quiet. It was dark all except for the orange glow that wafted off the streetlight just outside.

It wasn't anyplace special.

I wouldn't find anything pivotal here. I wouldn't fix any of my problems here. I wouldn't make a new life here. All I did was knock.

The woman who opened the door was rather dull. She didn't seem very interesting. She was quiet. Seemed rather dark...all except for that orange glow.

I handed her the paper I carried. Because it was what I was paid to do. She turned to grab something to send back with me. I didn't know what it was. I never knew what they were. Then she caught my eye and I saw something different in them.

All at once it wasn't just a dull place. It wasn't dark and quiet. Somehow it became interesting. Her eyes were bright. They seemed out of place. Then, with a nod, she closed the door and I was forced to withdraw.

There was a story behind that door. It was her story. I didn't know what it was. I can't describe what it was.

Then for the first time, I broke the rule. I don't know why I did it. I just did.

I opened the brown bag she'd given me and peered inside.

This was a pivotal moment for me. This would fix my problems. This would start a new life for me. All at once I was part of their game and I knew how to play.

I left that place with a new spring in my step.

The place that wasn't anyplace special.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


A Friend

A shoulder to cry on
And tears to mix with yours
A smile to brighten
And a laugh to share
A hand to hold on to
And arms to embrace you
All with no strings attached

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


School Bus Memories

He always smelled like cigarette smoke. Even though he had a nice smile whenever I got on his bus, he somehow scared me. He never said much, just scolded us whenever we did something out of line on his bus. I remember jumping over the back of a seat once when he wasn't looking in his mirror, just to tempt it. My friends would play all kinds of games that way.

Once for Christmas he handed out face cards. I thought it was a nice gesture but my friend told me I shouldn't take them because they were evil and that he was evil for giving them to us.

I didn't understand what she meant.

I remember how he laughed at me the time that little chubby kid with the dark hair blew me a kiss threw my window that one time. I was so embarrassed.

Then one time the tire of his bus hit a rock and the whole front end went into the river with the back end poking up out of the water. I hadn't gone to school that day, but I heard the stories. Everyone was holding onto their seats and they had to climb the legs of the seats like a latter to get out. It was his fault, they all said. He hit the rock. But the bus driver was a hero that day. Everyone got out safe.

Dreams of a Duck

White was her color,
Pearl was her name,
Her daddy gave it to her
But, to her, it was all the same.

She had a little family,
Their colors varied true...
She felt her life was yet to start,
And she would meet it too!

She often walked along the deck
Out over the black waters
To look out toward the setting sun,
And let the wind ruffle feathers.

She dreamed of things to someday be,
Of a life lived in another day...
Then the time did come when fall turned winter
And they took flight with freedom and away.

She flew at the point with her neck held high
Her feathers blowing in the wind
And now her dreams were coming fast
Her life now began to begin.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Mother's Love

A mother's love
Will keep her child
Safe from harms around
She protects the small piece
Of herself
In warm embrace, no sound

The peace of moments
Held so still
Forever kept within
Her heart speaks words
So wise and pure
For every life's begin

Through flames of sorrow
She holds true
The baby in her arms
For all her life
She dreamt of this
Sweet child full of charms

A mother's love
Surpasses all
Even her own life
For within the child
He holds dear
Her love, as he'll face strife

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Beginning of the Rest of Her Life

Her heart was excited today, and she fought off her body's exhilaration. She didn't want to be sweating too much. This was the day her life would begin.

She sat in front of the mirror, the women around her fussing away with her hair and make-up. She never fussed so much over herself. She wouldn't have aloud so much fussing except for today. Today she accepted with open arms. Because today was special. It made her mom feel better anyway to fuss.

The others busily were putting in earrings, applying mascara and lipstick, rouge. But she felt like she didn't need rouge. She felt like her heart's glow would give her face enough color. A small smile played on her lips and her hands shook as she looked down at her nails, which another woman was polishing in a lovely french manicure.

"Relax, Amber. Your fingers are so jittery! I really don't want to mess this up!" This was her best friend, Jen.

Jen had been there for her entire life. It felt like a bittersweet time between them. A matter of saying goodbye in a way...parting ways on how they had done every other thing in life together. In this, Amber was going on alone.

Jen met with Amber's gaze then for a moment. In an instant they communicated in perfect understanding. Although life was going on in different directions, they would always remain the best of friends. Amber fought back the tears now. They wouldn't help with her jitters.

The time seemed to fly by before she knew it. Suddenly she was standing in front of the screen door, looking out toward the car that would take her to the church. Her heart started to pound more now. Outside waited her destiny.

The others, in their pink dresses, helped her cross the threshold. They held the door open, lifted her white train, and held her sleek veil.

And she stepped through, on her way to meet it. Her destiny.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Old Photograph

I look at that face, frozen in time. How I miss that face. The one with the plump smooth cheeks. The lips curved up. The eyes so innocent and pure. The happiness in the simple things. The pleasure from nature's gifts. Just enjoying the art of living.

Sometimes I find it hard to believe he was me.

I look at my hands, scarred and worked through much toils. My skin is rough now, toughened and weathered. My eyes have seen sorrows. They still sparkle but in watery tears of having seen the troubles of the world.

I look at that face, frozen in time. How I miss that face. It once was mine.

Breaking Sky

She was rushing today. Her heart pounding with anticipation. For it was Friday, and this was the day she would receiver her weekly letter from Bob. He was so far away, fighting a fight worth everything. She felt too many would not fight it, and that left people like Bob.

She was gathering her purse...her keys...where were her keys?

Rushing through the house her thoughts again turned to the moment he told her he was going. The moment she knew her fears of him leaving were coming true and she wasn't going to stop him. She didn't even make an effort to stop him. She knew he wanted to do it. That he would to stand for what was be noble. Because that is who he is. They promised to write every week. He wouldn't miss one. And he hadn't.

She found her keys in her purse after all.

Rushing out the door, she had her baby on her hip and towed her 3 year old son behind her. Other thoughts ran through her mind, groceries that were needed...she had to stop at the bank...but her mind quickly turned again to the post office. First and foremost.

The sky was growing dark above them as she buckled her children in the car. Though she hardly noticed. Her mind was already going over the way it would feel to hold the crisp paper in her hands and her eyes stroking over the familiar curves of his handwriting. Somehow the curves had become their intimacy. The way to be close to him from so far away.

Finally, after struggling to get her car through the traffic...that annoying vehicle that was going the speed limit! She was at the post office. Leaving the car running with her children inside, she rushed to the PO Box and quickly opened it to find her letter.

It was empty.

As she returned to her vehicle, she tried to put it out of her mind. The clouds were gathering and the sky was darker than before. She looked up to it for a moment. It was hanging low. Waiting to break.

She drove to the grocery store. Her kids were such angels there. She watched while other small kids screamed about what they wanted but couldn't have while her little boy sat patiently in the cart playing with his little jet airplane and snacking once in a while on a cracker. How blessed she was. She couldn't imagine life any differently. But the missing letter still weighed in the back of her mind.

She went through the bank drive-through and then home. Life had slowed. She was just doing what she had to. She unloaded the children and headed to the door.

Then she saw it.

A notice. Red. Stuck to her front door and waving in the wind.

And as her heart broke, the thunder broke too. Finally the heavy clouds, like her heart, broke and it cried. It cried right along with her.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Turtle Stretch

A Li'l Bi' O' Luck

His little face was dirty, all except where the tears slid down, making clean tracks. He was quiet. He didn't make a sound. Just let the big tears roll down in silence, as he sat outside on the park bench.

I wondered at his age. Was he close to ten? Or was he younger, aged by the sorrow I could see in his dirty hands, his bare toes... Where did he belong? Perhaps he didn't know himself.

I watched at a safe distance, longing to bring him comfort but unable to know how. His shouldered trembled every now and then in the sobs I knew were longing to escape his lips. Yet he remained silent.

I looked down at my own feet, guilt rising in my chest. Why wouldn't I go to him? Yet I knew I would not.

Then I heard a gasp of air and I returned my gaze to the park bench, but he was no longer seated there. My breath caught in my throat and I stood, searching in panic for where he had gone. Then I spotted him. He had only moved a few feet, and he was kneeling, his back to me.

I heard a soft sound coming from his direction. I didn't know what it was at first, but I made my way down the path, still keeping a safe distance from him and saw that he was smiling. He was gasping in little soft giggles and muted explanations of happiness. His eyes were looking down at his dirty hands, rested palm up on the paved ground. He sniffed and raised his arm to wipe away his tears with his sleeve. It left a clean smear across his dirty face. But his eyes didn't leave his hands, and his smile didn't leave his lips.

I got closer. Cautious. Unable to muster the courage to approach. He didn't move. Then suddenly, he looked up and straight at me.

I was discovered! I froze in mid-step, unsure how to respond. He was still grinning. Looking back down at his hands, he stood carefully. He held out his hand as though holding something, though his palm appeared to be empty. I wondered at his movement. Perhaps he'd gone mad. He approached me then, and all I could do was stand there. I was horrified at being discovered. I was unsure as to what I would do now.

He approached and I noticed he was much taller than me. I hadn't noticed until now, but his pants were much to short. His legs protruded from them like the legs of a stalk. And he still smiled, now at me.

"Look!" He whispered, "I've found my li'l bi' o' luck!" He held out his empty hand and then I saw it. A tiny spotted red bug. "He' ya go, li'l lady." He added, holding it out to me, and taking my much cleaner, pale hand in his own, he gently coaxed the little creature onto my skin. "Maybe i'll brigh'en you're day too, Miss." Then he walked away, strolling with added confidence. His shoulders were back, head arrect. It was as if all the sorrow from before had vanished from his dirty face.

I looked down at my pink skin and watched as the little lady opened her wings and jumped into the air to fly away. I watched as it soared in the air above me and away.

Looking after that dirty boy, I felt something had awakened within me. I hadn't the courage to go to him, to see if I could help. I was supposed to be well bread, I was supposed to be a lady. Yet, he hadn't hesitated to share his little bit of luck, as he'd called it, with me. I was determined now to never falter in bringing someone else a little bit of luck.

Every time I see a lady bug, I will remember that boy with the dirty face and tear-washed cheeks. The boy who's teeth-sparkling smile had brought me a little luck when I hadn't appeared to need it as he did.

My Entry for My Photo "The Gathering"

I watched as they fluttered to the tree. They gathered there together only to then flutter down, disappearing in the tall grass. Then they would reappear, flutter again up to the tree. They gathered here and there and I wondered what they're purpose was, what they were doing. It seemed they were waiting together, fluttering back and forth.

Then it came to me with the distant flash of lightning. It was a dance.

I watched as they fluttered around each other, twirling and swooping, jumping and landing. It was beautiful. Their wings, a mixture of black and gray, artistically moving together and twirling around one another, then disappearing once more in the tall grass.

I watched them dance as the clouds rolled in. I watched them flutter to the tree and back to the grass until the thunder broke across the sky and the rain began to fall. Then their dance became something more. They fluffed their feathers and sat in the tree, gathering together in silence. Then I knew this is what they had been waiting for.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Photo on PP&P

My Title: "Daunting", PP&P's prompt: "The Gathering: They waited for..."
Recently Pictures, Poetry, and Prose displayed one of my photos to inspire writing! I was so excited to see a picture of my own displayed...and am excited to see what it inspires. I have many other photos displayed at my gallery at DeviantArt. (The link is at the right or click here.) I've had one person tell me their favorite photo from my gallery is my shot of the entire tree from the photo displayed at PP&P. I named this one "Twisting" I thought I would post it here as well. It's one of my favorites too, Dan. Thanks!

This was another picture I took just before that storm blew in. That wind really seemed to add to the effect of my photos! It has a foreboding feeling. I am interested to see what other favorites people may have from my gallery at DeviantArt. Please visit it whenever you can and let me know which shot you like best. Then I will post it here as well. :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

100th Post

It's my 100th Post!
Thought I'd ask you for suggestions on what art you'd like to see from fire away! What subject would you like me to write about or shoot pictures of?

Neat Trees and a Storm Brewing

I couldn't believe how interesting these trees looked with a dark backdrop. Under the darkened sky, their branches were so white and seemed to glow! So, I ventured out for photos.

Then I was met with more and more wind as the sky got darker and as I looked up this humongous dark cloud was rolling in quite quickly.

It sort of scared me, actually. It was so dark and low as if it would fall to the ground. And it moved quickly in the wind. So I took as many shots as I could before retreating to shelter.

It was not a moment too soon! The wind picked up and soon there was pounding rain drops on our windows that sounded so hard I thought they might break through! Soon it turned to hail the size of my big toe! And no sooner did it start, the thunder broke across the sky, and it woke my son from his nap. We watched as it pounded sideways in the wind and then passed over us to pour over those south of us. It was a quite amazing storm! So sudden and quick. I'm glad I got some shots of it.


They usually don't pay attention at all. They're usually far away and never notice my presence. But today as I moved along the grass I caught their eyes. Slowly each one gathered closer and closer, watching my every move with curiosity and almost wonder. How amazing could I be? I'm just a normal human being. What could I be doing that causes such content interest? I sit down on a rock then and watch them back, unfolding my napkin and sandwich. They're lined up perfectly before me. Immovable. Seems they're almost afraid to look away. Then the one in the center turns to her neighbor and I swear I hear her say the words:

"Do you think she's going to share or should we go on to plan B?"

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Golden Bridge

Glowing in the distance
Dances across the water
On a man-made beacon
Drawing me in
To cross
And find you

Losing Control to Find It

It was in this moment that he realized this is the way he always wanted to go. Suddenly, all the fear left him and he stopped fighting it and sat back to take in the moment. The equipment beneath him stuttered and spun and he simply smiled.

He'd lived his life the way he had always hoped he would. He had learned to fly. The dream he had had as a child was fulfilled and even magnified beyond what he ever imagined. As a stunt flier, he had wowed the crowd. He had managed to do things in mid air that he never could have dreamed possible back when he first saw a plane fly above his head at the age of 7 years. Back then, he only imagined soaring through the clouds someday. He never dreamed he would do that and so much more.

The plane beneath him had been his friend, his comfort through every trial, his get-away from every difficulty. This was the friend he had spent so much of his life with, and this was the friend he would end it all with. Its spinning had now subsided and it was diving toward the earth.

He closed his eyes and felt that now he was truly flying. Inside and out.

Hope Shines a Light

There are times when dark clouds descend and we find ourselves waiting for that light to come. Trust that it always does.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hey Good Lookin'

Heart Tattoo

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Light a Candle

Each soul shines bright, like a candle
Some brighter than others
But we can all share the light

Each soul gives off heat, like a candle
Some warmer than others
But we can all share in the warmth

Standing together
We share our light with each other
We shine the brightest in prayer

Come closer to
Those empty souls
The ones whose light grows faint

Strengthen them and bring them home
To share in our bright
Shimmering prayers

Mona Lisa Lily/ Stargazer

Monday, June 1, 2009

RedWinged Blackbird

Shock of Pink, Dots of Yellow

Click to enlarge

After the Rain

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