Saturday, February 21, 2009

Little Boy Growing

Oh if I could keep you now
Forever innocent and small
Oh if I could keep those toes
So tiny, chubby, and sweet

If I could only hold you close
Throughout your whole life long
If I could keep you safe from harm
And keep the world so far

If you could stay a little child
Pure in thought, pure in action
That dimpled smile pasted on
Never to see such tears

But no, the child must grow so tall
And learn to become someone
And I must hold that precious hand
And lead them until they let go

I hope you remember how it was
To be that little child
And see the world a little brighter
So the future can be so

1 comment:

  1. So sweet...I'm glad to see you have a blog of your own to be creative! Being a mommy can be taxing on our creative side, huh? Great poems. Keep writing.
    When I hold my little boy, I wonder how such a sweet guy will carry the heavy responsibilities of a man. I admire him already. Do you do that too?



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