Saturday, February 21, 2009

Winter Robin

The dew is frozen on my window
The frost is crusted along the walk
The lantern's glow above the snow
Is beckoning a happy thought

The robin lights upon the ground
A stroke of red upon his breast
I wonder how the frost must feel
His tiny toes are froze at best

He hops from here to there about
As if to break away the white
His happy dance is filled with glee
Perhaps there's more to his delight

The spring is near, he seems to say
As I wonder at his soft compose
The bite of winter's presence here
Is shown upon my reddening nose

And so I stand upon the step
Outside my wintered walls
Then enter within its warm embrace
And when I peak, the robin calls

"You'll see, you'll see
My human friend
The frost indeed
Is yet to end!"

(Photo by Highlander) [link]

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