Friday, July 24, 2009

The Beach

What is it about the beach that calms people so? What is it about the heat, the salty scent, the warm sand, the slight breeze?

What is it about the beach that makes people smile? The sun wafting up across the sand and the air with its slight crisp? The sound of the water crashing down at the edge? The feel of the damp cool sand between your toes?

Why is it that even the mentioning of the beach sends me into a euphoric state and I long to go? I long to sit in the sun or under the light shade of an umbrella. I long to stretch out lazily on a towel or beach chair. I long to close my eyes beneath the sunglasses and dream.

The beach holds a natural power: the power to refresh a soul, to rejuvenate a life.

Sitting there on the beach in paradise I knew what had to be done. I have to come back more often.

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