Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dedicated to the Fat Cat

This was actually based on an actual cat I grew up with, but he was male. We named him Hercules. He wasn't actually very fat...just big- but he did all the things that I describe in this writing, so I'm dedicating it to him. I hope, from heaven, he sees the intent and doesn't take it as an insult that I wrote about him describing a fat cat. RIP, Hercules!

Her head looked disproportionate from the rest of her body. It seemed so small. But no, her body was just big.

She would run down the hall with a thump, thump, thump every time my sister screamed for help when she spotted a mouse. Her belly would swing back and forth beneath her and she would pounce, always narrowly missing the rodent as it dashed away.

This was our cat. This was my cat.

I'll never forget the way she loved to come sit on my lap when I was trying to do my homework. Or the way she would always come put me to bed. But everyone said she slept with them at night. Because she always put everyone to bed. She was that kind of cat.

I remember waking up one morning because I found I couldn't breath. It's because she was sleeping on my chest. Once my sister woke up to find her sleeping on her face! That was a moment she never would forget.

We'll never forget our cat.

She was a fat cat.

Prompted by Pictures, Poetry, and Prose.
This amazing photo was taken by Jeannieblue from DeviantArt.

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