Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Earth, The Bulldozer, The Tree, and The Rock

My mother once talked to me about how I resembled earth. I was nourishing and loving. I could help things to grow. But at that time I was dating a bulldozer and he pushed me around wherever he wanted me to go. He spread me thin and rolled over me.

He needs a rock, she said. Someone that will stand strong and immovable so he cannot push her around. He may not find her right away and he might not like her right away, but he needs a rock. And you aren't a rock. You are like earth.

Time passed and I found myself a tree. He stood tall and strong and I could nourish his roots and he dropped his leaves to nourish my soil right back. This was love.

Someday I hope that bulldozer finds his rock.


  1. Dani...
    Really neat metaphor...well put!


  2. Very nice imagery. I enjoyed this post.



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