Thursday, March 17, 2011

the arrival of spring

The dark horizon covered in night
merges the angry clouds,
thrashes of light toss droplets to the earth
melting the white crystals away
and his shadowy silhouette
retreats into the sky
with first light.

She comes in glory,
her golden hair sparkling in the sun,
her daffodil skin radiating warmth and light.
She skips upon the cold hard ground
and colors emerge from beneath her dainty toes
as little sproutlets sing along to her rhythmic dance.

New life shouts proclamations of joy
and eagerly await
the new birth of each creation.
Her eyes twinkle in delight
as her touch magically brings forth
blossoms of red purple yellow
who capture the sunlight from above
and toss it back out to the sky.

The world reiterates with
the annual welcoming ballad
in praise to her rebirth and
exalt in the renewal of life.

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