Thursday, March 3, 2011

a valentine's poem

"A Sweetheart's Invitation"

To My Paramour

What do you say? Shall we dance in the rain?
Shall we kick off our shoes
and run in the grass
just to feel free?
Shall we roll in the mud
and coat our bodies
in it's cool richness
just to hide our differences
so we can be just,
just the same?
Shall we have a party
in the backyard
by candlelight
just the two of us,
so we can steal a moment
when our little angels/devils
aren't dividing our attentions
and we can just be us.
Just us.

What do you say, my beau?
My beloved, my swain, my dear one?
Shall we run away together
into the sunset
to blind our eyes from those things
left behind?
And the sunlight can rest in my hair
and in your eyes
and we can be free?
Shall we lose ourselves
in the oceans of our souls...
behind the words and behind the kisses,
behind the hugs, the cuddles, the sex,
further behind into the depths of being
where we can be just us?

What do you say, Honey?

Sweet thing?

What's that?
There's a game on?
Alright then.

Perhaps next time.

Your Venus

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