Thursday, March 17, 2011

who do you think you are?

(inspired by Christina Perri's song Jar of Hearts.)

remember that time we built our love out of a deck of cards?
spelled out across the carpet and i lay there for you to take my picture
and you told me once i was your everything
and you bragged to your friends about how i was yours
do you remember that?
i bet you've forgotten now.

i look at that girl frozen in the frame
the familiar color in her eyes gazes in complete devotion,
but she's a stranger
you asked me once where the lights went
well, that's what goes with living half alive
and once my color was gone so were you
and i was cold and empty
you took it all

but now i'm stronger, a stranger to that girl in the frame
and you're back to take my picture?
the lights are back now, you say
but don't you remember?
i bet you've forgotten-
you said you would never come back
was it a promise? not that you'd keep it-
so you've broken this one too
the last one to break
and you're finished

you told me once i was your everything
i can finally say
i don't want to be your everything anymore
because my lights are back
and they're not for you

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