Monday, April 20, 2009

Mending Shattered Glass

I wish I could go back and explain.
You never were as ugly as you thought you were.
I wish I could change what happened.
But what was was.
And there’s no changing that.

All I can do now is let you know
You are beautiful.
Despite what those cruel children said.
They were lies to deceive,
And you need not believe them anymore.

So, trust it now.
You can take those compliments
Without malice or disbelief,
Because honest truth has endured
And the truth was
The glass never shattered.


  1. Dani, this could break my mama's heart! I worry so much about what those "cruel children" may say to my little ones. Such reassurance said in a beautiful way. I like the ending, "the glass never shattered". Poetry can so often express strong emotions in a comforting way. Well done, my poet friend:)

  2. Dani,

    Beautiful and I am guessing this was from the heart. Only the heart can write something as truthful and honest as this. As a parent, at least for me and my wife, this type of cruelty cut the deepest. Children, without the emotional development of compassion that only comes with years of living can be so spiteful to their peers. Thankfully most children grow up and leave that part of their childhood behind.


  3. Thank you both. I too hope my children don't have to be put through too much cruelty from others. But all I can do is hope I can teach them that what others say to them is not always truthful.



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