Friday, April 3, 2009

Obsessed Dreamy Thoughts

You know you're obsessed when...
you write about Twilight when prompted by a random photo that really has nothing to do with it...
My entry:
"As I walk along the cobbled narrow street, I'm reminded of a familiar scene of a book I once read. When the narrow pathways between buildings shielded the light so those who sparkled in it could remain undiscovered. Walking about the humans, searching for that perfect one who was about to kill himself. This scene makes me imagine the red scarves blowing in the wind and a clock tower in the center of a square where he was about to step out into the light, expose himself to the crowd, and be killed for doing so. Because he thought I was dead. Me. Because he loved me. Awe, the dreams."

Yes...I'm obsessed. Truly, this is a dream of mine. *Sigh* Click picture to go to PPP.


  1. Dani,
    I liked your post on the narrow streets. Some images are more inspiring than others and more interesting to write about...this was a good one!


  2. Thanks Dan! I thought this one was for sure a phony spoof of writing...since I was writing about Twilight. :) lol Glad you liked it though.



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