Monday, April 6, 2009

Today Is a Gift: The Present

All of us dream of something more
But who goes out and does it?

Have you dreamt of changing your job?
What is keeping you from doing it?

The cash, the family, the girl next door...
The economy, the life, the substantial debt and more...

Have you dreamt of traveling so far?
What has stopped you from going there?

The job, the family, the time to go passing...
The fear, the weather, the money worth spending...

If you cannot change jobs today- then start a new hobby today.
If you cannot go traveling today-
bring those travels home to you.

Camp out in your living room, throw a Hawaiian party, spend a day "at the beach" in your backyard. The world is yours TODAY.


  1. All great suggestions! Time to seize the day! I should put that mantra on my fridge:)

  2. very nice thoughts... name is also very nice... visit mine.. u will like it...

  3. Thanks septembermom! And siddharth, I'll have to come by your blog. Thanks for the comment!



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