Monday, June 15, 2009

The Beginning of the Rest of Her Life

Her heart was excited today, and she fought off her body's exhilaration. She didn't want to be sweating too much. This was the day her life would begin.

She sat in front of the mirror, the women around her fussing away with her hair and make-up. She never fussed so much over herself. She wouldn't have aloud so much fussing except for today. Today she accepted with open arms. Because today was special. It made her mom feel better anyway to fuss.

The others busily were putting in earrings, applying mascara and lipstick, rouge. But she felt like she didn't need rouge. She felt like her heart's glow would give her face enough color. A small smile played on her lips and her hands shook as she looked down at her nails, which another woman was polishing in a lovely french manicure.

"Relax, Amber. Your fingers are so jittery! I really don't want to mess this up!" This was her best friend, Jen.

Jen had been there for her entire life. It felt like a bittersweet time between them. A matter of saying goodbye in a way...parting ways on how they had done every other thing in life together. In this, Amber was going on alone.

Jen met with Amber's gaze then for a moment. In an instant they communicated in perfect understanding. Although life was going on in different directions, they would always remain the best of friends. Amber fought back the tears now. They wouldn't help with her jitters.

The time seemed to fly by before she knew it. Suddenly she was standing in front of the screen door, looking out toward the car that would take her to the church. Her heart started to pound more now. Outside waited her destiny.

The others, in their pink dresses, helped her cross the threshold. They held the door open, lifted her white train, and held her sleek veil.

And she stepped through, on her way to meet it. Her destiny.

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  1. Congratulations on your win at PPP. I completely fell into this piece. I remember this is how I felt at my first wedding. Sadly, not a good feeling. The second time 'round, though, was a celebration, as it should.



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