Monday, June 22, 2009

Mother's Love

A mother's love
Will keep her child
Safe from harms around
She protects the small piece
Of herself
In warm embrace, no sound

The peace of moments
Held so still
Forever kept within
Her heart speaks words
So wise and pure
For every life's begin

Through flames of sorrow
She holds true
The baby in her arms
For all her life
She dreamt of this
Sweet child full of charms

A mother's love
Surpasses all
Even her own life
For within the child
He holds dear
Her love, as he'll face strife


  1. This mom really was moved by your poem. A mother's love does surpass all. Isn't it amazing how your heart grows and grows with love each day for your child?

  2. Being a mother is so complex and beautiful. Thank you Dani for this poem. :)

  3. Dani...while reading this I thought of your beautiful photo on Devietnart...the black and white one of your son in your love.


  4. How true.

    I think of my mom that how she loves us all and her life is totally "devoted to her family"



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