Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Entry for My Photo "The Gathering"

I watched as they fluttered to the tree. They gathered there together only to then flutter down, disappearing in the tall grass. Then they would reappear, flutter again up to the tree. They gathered here and there and I wondered what they're purpose was, what they were doing. It seemed they were waiting together, fluttering back and forth.

Then it came to me with the distant flash of lightning. It was a dance.

I watched as they fluttered around each other, twirling and swooping, jumping and landing. It was beautiful. Their wings, a mixture of black and gray, artistically moving together and twirling around one another, then disappearing once more in the tall grass.

I watched them dance as the clouds rolled in. I watched them flutter to the tree and back to the grass until the thunder broke across the sky and the rain began to fall. Then their dance became something more. They fluffed their feathers and sat in the tree, gathering together in silence. Then I knew this is what they had been waiting for.

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