Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring Grooming

Raking up dead grass
And uncovering the green
Letting the new life breath in
And see the sunshine once again
The blissful feeling of Springtime
With a light jacket and a toddler at my feet
His imagination climbing as he
Plays in the rocks
Scattering black spiders to their hiding places
And my giant back-scratcher scrapes up the Earth
I can imagine her saying "Ah"
As I scratch her back
It's grooming season
She seems to sigh with every stroke of my brush
As I comb through her hair
Breathing in the scent of damp new soil
Soaking in the sound of geese splashing
In the giant puddle made behind my house
By the melting snow.


  1. Wonderful, comforting images of spring! I love the "giant back scratcher scrapes up the Earth". It gives the sense of the Earth as an old friend needing a little TLC.

  2. Thank you Septembermom! Just what I felt.



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