Monday, March 30, 2009

View of the Stone Gargoyle

I look down on the world
The glory of the sun
The deepness in the shadows
And I see what the world is
What the world once was
And what it could be

I remember a time
When this building
I sit upon
Was the only large building around

The world around me was green
The people around me took care of it
The trees breathed life into everything else
And the sky seemed brighter then.
The sun warmed my skin all day long
I miss that warmth

Then all the green
Was torn down around me
More brick and mortar
And wooden arches rose up
The sun was blocked from my gaze
Now only warming my skin for a few short hours at a time
I don't ever feel as warm

The world around me is mostly gray now
The people around me seem to ignore it
Going about, paying no mind
Just going someplace or another
Never stopping
This is how the world is

I dream of the world becoming more
I see between the gray to an open sunrise in the morning.
The beauty in the distance...
Oh I wish these wings could fly
How I long to be a part of the world green again...
Where the people looked at each other
Where they saw more than just the next task
Where they enjoyed the process as much as the success.

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