Monday, March 9, 2009

The Escape

I drove and drove and drove. I didn't have a plan. I didn't follow a map. I just had to go and go. I had to get away. I felt the wind in my hair as my windows were open. The chill of the air was invigorating and I knew I could go on forever this way. I would leave it all behind. I would never go back. I had money in my purse and clothes on my back. I heard the roar of the engine and I felt so free.

Nothing could stop me now! He would never find me. He wouldn't have any idea where I went, because I don't know that yet, myself. I just wanted to drive.

The sun dropped lower and created long shadows across the road. I had to close my window as the temperature of the wind dropped, freezing my breath before my face. The heater felt nice against my frozen hands. I hadn't noticed how cold they were until the warm air hit them. It made me smile. It was comforting, the safety of my car. The sound of the tires' swift movement on the pavement created a calming hum. I didn't turn on the radio. All the music I knew would only remind me of...

The road was long and stretched before me until it finally disappeared around a curve, and for the first time I wondered where it would lead me. The possibilities were infinite. I burst into laughter. I couldn't help myself. It was effortless and felt like a release within me that had been long held in. I let my body heave with laughter until I no longer could breath. And then the tears came. I didn't understand myself. Where were the tears coming from? It surely wasn't unhappiness, but sure bliss. What a release! I let the tears fall freely until finally they ran dry. The light was fading behind the trees and I could see stars appearing in the skies like beacons of renewed life.

Then the lights appeared in my rearview mirror and I felt my stomach roll. For a short moment I contemplated putting on more gas. After all, I was making the biggest escape of my life. But my realistic side brushed away the adventurous thought. Of course that would eventually only take me back to him. So I put my foot gently on the break and pulled to the side, grabbing my purse to find my license.

I had just found it when I heard him tap on my window. I looked up and caught myself.

"Awe, Mrs. Jennings! What are you doing alone out here at this time of night?"

It was Frank. His best friend. I couldn't breath, and suddenly wished I hadn't stopped. "Oh, I'm just.." What can I tell him? "Headed to sister."

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I knew my explanation wasn't convincing. But Frank just smiled and told me to drive more carefully. A storm was in the forecast tonight. He gave me a warning and let me go. Let me go, but I knew in two seconds he would pick up his cell phone.

I pulled out onto the road once more with my eyes fixed on him strolling back to his patrol car in his nonchalant manner. What a pig.

Then I couldn't help myself. I floored it. I watched him turn with a sudden shocked look on his face and hurriedly get into the driver's seat. I searched the road for a sign. I prayed for help. If I could just keep Frank from calling him. Just another hour or so and I knew he would be coming home anyway and find me gone. By then it would be too late.

The lights were blaring me through by rearview mirror again and I contemplated what to do. Habit told me to put on the breaks and pull over again. What if I did? It would definitely confuse time? What if I told him I wanted him to pull me over that's ridiculous! I shuttered at the idea of seducing that pig. No, I wouldn't do that. Ok, I know. I slowed down again, but didn't pull over. Going a steady speed, well under the limit, for about 5 minutes with him tailing me, he finally came up on my left side. A glance and I could see his confused glare. I grinned at him and waved. He gestured for me to pull over and I shook my head at him, pointing at my watch. I slowed a little more and rolled down my window. He rolled his down in turn. "I'm sorry, I'm just trying to make time." I yelled to him, "I won't speed anymore, Frank. Thanks anyway."

He seemed to take it with a nod. Any other cop wouldn't have. He slowed, and I knew he was picking up his cell phone at that very moment. But now I could see the state line. I would be gone and he could never find me now. I simply had to keep going...and never stop. I would cross state line after state line. I would only stop when I felt it was time.

The lights faded behind me. I imagined what he would be thinking now. I indulged myself in imagining him heartbroken and sulking in his beat up truck. I knew he would never react that way, but in my mind's eye I wanted to see him cry. I wondered at the thought. What would he look like with reddened eyes and shaking hands?

Just then I decided that this would be the last thought of him I would ever allow myself to have. I would never let his face enter my mind again. He no longer existed. And niether did Mrs. Jennings. From now on I am Shayla Krenton. On to a new life. be continued.


  1. I enjoyed reading this excerpt of your story. Your protagonist's raw emotions are so evident in your writing. As a reader, I can feel her tension and anxiety as she fumbles for an excuse to get away fast. In my mind's eye, I can see her exchange with the police officer. That's a sign of great writing! I look forward to reading more of this story.

  2. Thank you Septembermom! I hope I can continue this in a way I like...I just started writing without any idea where it was I'm going to work on it a bit before I continue it. I'm glad you liked it!

  3. Dani,

    Great story...give us more! Congrats on your winning PPP today!




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