Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Wildfire

I met you and my heart giggled
It saw funny glasses and bad posture
It saw you slumped over your guitar in that ridiculous position
and it giggled

I said "sure" to you and my heart pondered
It saw bright blue eyes and smooth lips
It saw you fidget so nervously with your keys as you looked at the floor
and it pondered

I talked for hours with you and my heart took flame
It saw your passions and silly humor
It saw your love for things I loved and your past pains
and it took flame

I kissed you in my car and my heart became a fire
It saw your warmth and your potential
It saw you grab every moment and never take things for granted
and it became a fire

I said "yes" and my heart's fire wavered
It saw your differences and those things we'd have to work on
It saw your typical insecurities and your stubborn flaws
and it wavered

I spent years with you and my heart became a wildfire
It saw your willingness to try and your desire for happiness
It saw you do little things to show your love in your silly awkward ways
and it became a wildfire

My wildfire continues now
It becomes more and more wild
It consumes all doubts, worries,
bad judgments, and stubborn prideful moments
and it burns brighter every day
as I see you slump over your guitar,
with that bad posture and those funny glasses.
Its blaze smolders in every kiss from your smooth lips,
in every gaze of those bright blue eyes
and the flame tells me
even more certainly
I love you.


  1. What a beautiful, sweet love poem :) Great descriptive language. Keeping the wildfire going is definitely tricky sometimes in a marriage! Sounds like you are doing fine!

  2. This is just beautiful.

    Honest. Simple. Loving.

  3. Thank you so much for your feedback! Much appreciated!



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