Monday, May 4, 2009

Abandoned Rose

It was the most romantic night of my life. I couldn't remember being any higher than I was tonight. The moon was out, the stars were bright, and I saw his eyes twinkle as we strolled near the pond, hand in hand. I held his rose in one hand, drinking in its scent now and then as we chatted of life, love, and anything else that we wanted to share. I was closer to him than I've been to anyone. We slowed and embraced. Our faces touched and his lips caressed my cheek.

Then she appeared.

She was crying, holding her face in her hands, and watching us with so much pain in her eyes.

I broke away from him as she approached, mascara streaking down her cheeks. Her eyes were focused only on him. It was as if I was invisible. My happiness was shattered as she grew inches from his frowning, concerned face. She whispered the words "How could you?", and placed something small into his hand now parted from mine. Before she turned, her sad eyes flickered to me and caught my eye. They focused on me for a moment, a glint of anger and hatred appeared, and then something else...admiration? No...a longing envy. She then turned and sprinted away, letting a gut-wrenching sob escape from her lips.

My heart broke for her.

Then it broke for me as he turned away from me, hiding the sparkling object she had given him.

I knew what it was. The rose slipped from my fingers. I wanted to punch him. I wanted to scream at him for her. But instead I walked away. I abandoned him just like I had abandoned the rose that now floated near the rocks at the edge of the pond.

No one touched it.

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