Monday, May 18, 2009

A Quiet Escape

A lazy evening of screaming children
I must get out and away
My husband sits in front of the television
I guess this is his time of the day

I exit the back door quietly
I creep away barefoot and free
He probably won't even notice I'm gone
Until the kids whine and "where's me?"

I carefully place my feet before me
In the grass, through the field and glen
The quiet around me breath into my lungs
And I feel like a child back then

My thoughts are alighted, I grow close to the water,
The reflection is dark in the dusk
I want to sit longer, but know I must not linger,
My baby is hungry I trust

But I sit awhile on the bank of the river,
Seeping in the light through my skin
I wish I could lay here for hours on hours,
But I must care for my kin

So up I go and backtrack again
Carefully placing my feet
But one day I'll return here, my soul to replenish
The sounds of the forests' heartbeat


  1. Dani,
    I can't put my finger on it but as I read your post both here and at PPP...I get the sense of a southern author! I feel a homespun connection with family and yet a need to occasionaly step out of the 4 walls. Maybe it the "kin", the "barefeet"...I don't know for sure but if I didn't know you and based my impression on you from this single post...I would guess Mississippi born and bread! Kind of weird, I know but I just thought I would let you know.


  2. :) Well Dan I'm glad to inspire something from within you... no, I'm not from the south. But I guess I can come up with things that create that sort of cultural sensation- I'm glad you pointed that out to me! :) Thanks a lot!



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