Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Babbled Secrets

I sit upon a stone
In the shade of the trees
Quite always on my own
I rest arms curled about my knees

The brook slowly flows
Along down beside me
A gentle breeze blows
I close my eyes and see

Sunlight filters in
Through waving leaves above
It dances on my skin
Encircling me in love

The brook babbles about
In a language I concede
The secrets in its quiet shout
Wisdom given, I must heed

Its whispers pierce me to my heart
I must endure, I must impart

For life goes on in spite of pain
I stand and face the world again


  1. I would love to sit by that soothing brook! Another great one Dani!!

  2. Dani...
    I have spent so much time beside, in and around brooks photographing them and you have captured my feelings when I am in their presence. I really liked "I close my eyes and see". When you are in such a peaceful place if you take the time to close your eyes, your other senses become so much more aware of your surroundings. Sometimes my thoughts are uplifting and other times they tend towards a sadness...why I don't know but the forest brings that out in me.




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