Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Soaring Dreams

Between my fingers
I hold the stem
A cloud of white
Is made by them

The tiny souls
Cling gently here
Soon to ride
The breeze, no fear

I close my eyes
Await a start
I make a wish
Within my heart

The wind whispers
My minds' eye hears
I arise within
Beyond my years

I take a breath
Then gently out
The tiny souls
Release about

My wish is taken
Upon the wind
They dance around me
Then off they send

My wish will follow
Into the sky
My heart soars also
And away I fly


  1. Dani, thanks for stopping by and leaving your wonderful comment. I love your blog, the background, etc. This poem would make a great entry the today's pic on PPP. This is definitely a winner. Lovely poem. I love how delicately and creatively you portrayed dandelions.

  2. This was actually my entry at PPP... :) I'm flattered that you like it.



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