Sunday, May 17, 2009

Finding Purpose

There once was a little flower. Budding anew in the green. She looked at the ground and wondered what world she had been set into. She saw the green around her and wondered at her purpose. She contemplated as she grew. She hesitated at her own worth.

One day she lifted her head a little. She saw the other flowers. She saw they were beautiful and wondered how she fit in. She couldn't believe she herself could be quite that lovely. She couldn't comprehend she herself could bring such happiness as they.

She lifted her head higher one day to look at the big blue sky. She felt the warmth of the light above touch her face and she felt happy in her place. She wondered at the world she was set into. Then she caught sight of a lovely thing above her. Soaring so high and swirling in the sky. She felt her little heart inside her would burst as she watched it. The beautiful thing gracefully gliding in the wind that touched her slightly. Oh, how she wished she could join with this thing. How she wished she could soar up so high in the wind. Sighing, she settled herself in the earth. Feeling as if she didn't know her own worth.

The bird soared so high in the sky up above. She felt the wind blowing her feathers and sighed. She looked down to the earth below and wondered at the sight she saw. The loveliness below her sent her heart soaring higher than before. For below her she saw flowers of all kinds and colors. But one among the others drew her eye. It's head faced toward her with such magical glory. It's color was bright and contrasted with those around it. Oh how she wished she could be much like it.

Inspired by a friend's post here.


  1. Beautifully written. I can see myself reading this to my little girl when she is a bit older. It has such a positive, uplifting spirit. I think the "child within all of us" would delight in the message of this piece.

  2. Thank you! I really liked this whole idea- I might turn it into a more poetic form later...



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