Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Meeting in Traffic

He was so angry he had been cut off like that. The person in front of him hadn't even signaled and was now creeping in front of him at a snails pace. As if cutting in front of him made it so they could go anywhere anyway!

She was in such a hurry! Her daughter was singing as we speak and she knew her big brown eyes were going to be sparkling with tears when she would arrive too late. She had to make it on time! But this traffic was going so slow!

She had a wedding to get to. She was the maid of honor. She was one of the most important to be there and she didn't want to let down her best friend.

He was a father of two children riding in his back seat. He didn't have a wife anymore. She had left him long ago. His children echoed each other back and forth, "Are we there yet?", "Are we there yet?", "Are we there yet?" He sighed and looked in his review mirror.

He saw her face, just looking back to the road in front of her and putting away some kind of make-up. Lipstick maybe? She looked tense but beautiful. Dressed up in some kind of formal wear. Perhaps she was late for a special occasion... How lovely she was. He wished he could meet her perchance.

Suddenly the car ahead of him took off and smashed into the SUV in front of it. What was going on? He looked through his review mirror again at the woman and she had a shocked look on her face. Was she getting out? Yes, she was getting out! "I'll get out too." He thought.

"You kids stay in the car." He told his children as he opened his door.

The man driving the vehicle in front of him was out of his car already and he was rushing forward to the SUV in front of him, shouting about being insulted by the person driving the SUV. The woman got out of her SUV now. She had tears streaking down her cheeks. They shouted at each other. Something about a daughter's school program and it went on as if nothing else in the world mattered but this instant.

The father looked back at the Maid of Honor and winked. She had stopped in her tracks, staring at the spectacle in front of them.

"I have a wedding to get to, you know." She said. Her voice was soft even in her frustration.

"Well, I'd imagine it will be a while before you get there." The father spoke back.

All cars around were still, stopped in their tracks. Their cars were too close together. There was no moving and the man and woman were now on their cell phones. The moment seemed to be a long one.

But when he looked back at the maid, she smiled. How unexpected.

"I guess we should just make the best of it..." She said, reaching into her car's open window. Out came a bottle of champagne. "I don't think these are going to make it to the wedding."

The father looked through the window at his children. They were throwing popcorn at each other.

"You have people in your car?" She asked, stepping forward to observe. "Ah. Well, champagne isn't something to have on the road anyway." She hurried back to her car, set down the bottle and withdrew a box of crackers with some fancy cheese spread.

The father smiled. The shouting behind him had risen again, but it seemed like background music in her presence. "I'm John."


(Photo by br3w0k)

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