Monday, May 11, 2009

Interrupted Celebration

I bit into the caramel apple and felt it stick to my teeth. I rubbed it with my tongue to help it dissolve. All around me was the sound of laughter and joy. The festivities were so exciting! I was filled with bliss as the bright colors around me seemed to be brighter today in the sunshine. Today was a day of celebration! I waved my miniature flag in patriotic loyalty and looked around to find my dad.

Suddenly all the colors around me blurred together. All the sounds became dull and muted. Before me I could see the tip of a gun extended from within a man's coat. It seemed everything else around me was out of focus and I could see nothing but it.

They are here.

But as the explosive sounds began, my breath was gone. I felt so faint. The colors whirling around me suddenly went dark as my body hit the pavement and my caramel apple rolled from my fingertips and away.


  1. Dani,
    This and your writing of memories of your grandmother (although fictional if I remember right) are my two favorite things I read by you. Well, I would add one more...the story you wrote about the runaway female...that was great also! If truth be told...I guess I just like your writing!


  2. Dani,
    Yo had mentioned that someday may try to get published...have you heard about and




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